Wednesday, June 8th at 11:30 p.m. – Pot-Luck lunch and news about the steps we want to take to reach out to more of our many seniors here at Zion. Hopefully we will find the commitment among us to grow our group. Questions? Contact Bonnie McIntosh at 303-732- 4137.

  • 6/8- Reorganization of OWLS- Potluck
  • 7/13 Helen Pfeifer, Jean Rathman- Therapy Dogs
  • 8/10 Carol Moreland, Darlene Rowe, Carol Wiedmeier
  • 9/14 Eileen Meehl and Elaine Schaefer – Climate Change
  • 10/12 Pastor Bob
  • 11/9 Dean and Lois Todd- WWII Jerry Meehl- Potluck