ZLC has many various committees where you also can help serve. Please click on the links below to read more about the different committees, what they do, and news from each!

Zion Parish Council
Greetings from Zion’s Parish Council, (otherwise known as PC.) The PC is made up of the chairperson from each of the Zion’s church boards. We, as a group, meet once a month and help with the governing and direction of Zion Church and School.

Board of Zion

  • Elders– Josh Meyer
  • Christian Education– Andrew Boernke
  • Trustees– Mark Roberts
  • Parish and Youth– Doug Kistler
  • Finance– Vacant
  • Fellowship-Gretchen Lillich
  • Evangelism-Sharon Jaeger
  • Stewardship– Vacant
  • Christian Care– Vickie Wold