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Community Life Building Workshop
After Dr. Loving presented at the “Seasons of Change” Seminar last Spring, the Adult Bible Study Leadership realized the popularity of the area of his expertise. Please join Dr. Loving in the upcoming workshop at Zion in the Fellowship Hall.

Registration is required and payment is due at the time of registration.

Caring for Seniors – Our Families and Ourselves
This five-week workshop will build on the Aging – the Season of Winter workshop presented earlier this year by Dr. Craig Loving. Informative and encouraging, we hope to give you practical tools you can use to care for aging family members and for yourself.

Session 1: We’re All Getting Older: What’s Normal?
Session 2: When Aging Doesn’t Go According to Plan
Session 3: Family Care-giving: The Blessings and Challenges of Caring for Aging Family Members
Session 4: Recognizing the Stresses of Care-giving & the Importance of Self-Care
Session 5: Aging Well in Body, Mind and

Start date: Wednesday, September 21
End date: Wednesday, October19
Start time: 6:30pm

Make Checks Payable to Zion Lutheran Church
Questions? Contact Marilyn at 303-659-2339 or email