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“Regrets, Reality, Restoration” led by David McWilliams (Fellowship Hall East). Participants will hear heartfelt stories of people who have experienced profound regret from past decisions and circumstances that dyed their futures in many ways. Excessive drug and alcohol abuse, abandoning one’s Christian faith, poor ethical decisions, tragic accidents–these are the events our interviewees went through. As distraught as these individuals had become, see how–even in their most tormented moments–it was God’s love in Christ Jesus that brought forgiveness and restoration to their anguished pasts.

“The Book of James” led by Brian Reck (Fellowship Hall West). James addresses practical issues and enduring problems faced by many believers: impatience, failure to do what you know is right, favoritism, apathy, and selfishness. He presents wise arguments and God-pleasing solutions, culminating in the confession of sins and prayer for help from God, “the Father of lights, who gives “every good gift and perfect gift.”

“Christianity–The First Three Centuries” led by Don Wischmeyer (School Library). How could a tiny, tortured faith become the most successful phenomenon in all of history? During its first three hundred years, from Christ to Constantine, the Christian church had to wage a two-front campaign against external persecution and internal heresy until it finally conquered the Roman Empire–and the future. Featuring Dr. Paul Maier, this is a repeat class first offered two years ago.