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There will be a special Voters’ Meeting on Sunday, February 23 at noon. Lunch will be served and Childcare will be available. Items on the agenda will include

  • A vote to call a pastor

There are 3 candidates:

  1. Rev. Allan R. Buss from Immanuel Lutheran—Belvidere, IL
  2. Rev. Mark D. Goble from Christ the King Lutheran—Memphis, TN
  3. Rev. Christian J. Rasmussen–Currently serving as Vacancy Pastor
  • Discussion for future personnel in the church

Please plan to attend this very important meeting as we move into the future of Zion Congregation. The Elders are very excited with the direction in which we are headed. There are a lot of exciting programs, Bible studies, Youth projects going on at Zion right now. The Lord has truly blessed our Church and continues to walk with us and guide us in all that we do.

If you are not a voter, and would like to become one, this is the way to do it per our Bylaws:
“An applicant for voting membership shall give notice of intention to the Pastor or one of the Elders no later than seven days prior to the Voter’s Meeting and shall obtain a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws of the congregation. At a Constitutional meeting of the Voters’ Assembly and in the presence of the applicant, an Elder (or the Pastor) shall present such application. Upon majority approval of the voting members present, the applicant shall then sign the Constitution and Bylaws of congregation and be declared a voting member.”