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lentLent is in full swing and I have once again given up Mexican food for the season. I really miss that awesome food!! The burritos, the guacamole, the queso, etc, etc, etc! . And then there are the chips! Well last week, after I had made my commitment, I found myself eating at a restaurant that offers “Southwest dip and chips”! So I said to myself “This is not Mexican, but it sure tastes good.” I remember sitting at the soup supper and talking to a family, and they said were giving up desserts for Lent. The dad looked over at his son who had just put a piece of cake in his mouth. Looked at me and said well I guess most of my family is giving up desserts for Lent.

The great thing about giving up things for lent is that it reminds us of Christ’s Love and sacrifice. Whether or not you cheat on your promise to God or you are faithful you are reminded in both cases. In our life as a Christian, we are tempted and we fall, we are tempted and we resist temptation. But we are always forgiven in Christ.

We look to Christ and Him alone , who works on us, with us and transforms us by His incredible mercy and Grace, calling sinners and loving them all.