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1517 is a year with much significance in Lutheran circles. We of the reformation crowd, know that in October of 1517, Martin Luther posted the 95 the-sis on the door of the Castle Church. It was meant to start a dialog about challenges to scripture from the Church in practice.

We know that it went much further than a discussion in Wittenberg, Germany. It started what is now known as the Reformation. And so as Lutherans who gather at Zion Lutheran Church in Brighton, Colorado, we are reminded about the grace that God has given his children.

As we rejoice in this New Year, we will celebrate by taking a trip to Germany. Our circuit is considering doing a joint Oktoberfest together this year. As we look into these events and ministry opportunities, see how God blesses His people.

Luther found the work of God mainly in the study of God’s Word. We at Zion this year, will begin our journey together into God’s Word as well! We are as a Church going to be reading the Bible over the next two years. It’s a gift that we walk together through the Holy Scriptures. As we celebrate the incarnation of Christ the Word abiding with us, I wish to encourage each one of you to join us as we start this Bible class. We will have Sunday and Wednesday discussions, as well small groups that get together to encourage and share all that God is doing through his Word.

Pastor Christian