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For All The Saints Who From Their Labors Rest

All Saint's DayAll Saints Sunday is a time to ring the bells as we remember each person at Zion who was called home to be with Christ. It’s a difficult time for those who have recently lost one they love. But it’s a time of hope and joy to know and hear the promises fulfilled by Christ. Sinners are released from their bonds of sin. They now see their Lord face to face and He gives them the robe of HIS righteousness.

Life is a precious gift given to us by God! We do not choose when or where to be born and yet we live each day with a hope for a better tomorrow. For the baptized, we also live in the flesh, but we have a hope that is promised to us by the work of the Holy Spirit. Christ calls us by name and places His precious name upon us. By grace you have been saved. While we don’t ring a bell for the newly baptized saints in Christ we do want to remember the Work of God to bring new spiritual lives to the body of Christ here at Zion. So we will remember all those baptized from last All Saints Day to this one.

Baptism is where the promise of God’s work begins in the life of the saint. We take pictures and celebrate the new life the child has in Christ. Funerals are a very different setting. We don’t often take pictures, we don’t wear bright colors, and we mourn the loss of our loved ones. And yet we know that baptism leads us to our hope in Christ even in death.

I was reading some of the places people feel like home on their name tags. On mine I put I felt like home was Scottsdale, Arizona, but I saw one that said Heaven is my home! What a witness that was! Heaven is truly our home, where Christ is and his desire is for us to spend eternity there. It’s where the saints of all ages will be together, baptized, cleansed and holy. So as we celebrate and give thanks for our loved ones being home with the Lord, may we live our lives in the hope of Christ, that others will see the love of Christ and desire to know the hope that we have too.

Pastor Christian Rasmussen