Scheduling an event or meeting for your group here at the church or school? Desiring to use space here at Zion for an upcoming family celebration or gathering? Please remember to get into contact the Church Office before you begin your planning. The secretaries in the Church Office are ready to assist you with the availability of dates, space and fee schedules for non-church functions.

The use of our beautiful, yet busy facility begins in the Church Office.

To ensure that your event is properly handled, please review the fee schedule and fill out the appropriate facility use form (there are two forms, one for “non-church or non-school events” – i.e. use of the facility by 4-H groups, sports teams, parties; and one for church or school events). Bring the completed form with the necessary use fees to the church office. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified when your event is approved.


The Zion pastors help couples plan a Christ-centered wedding ceremony in a beautiful church building. The ceremony usually lasts about 30 minutes. The pastors also provide pre-marital counseling. A professional staff of organists and musicians is available. If you are thinking of having your wedding at Zion, please contact the church office.


Baptism is an act of God’s grace. Whether the person is an infant, a teenager or an adult it makes no difference. When a person is baptized God says “This is now my son, my daughter”. Baptism brings a person into the family of God’s people, the church. It is the first step on a journey which is to continue throughout life. It is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with God.

To support the new baptismal life of children, God calls on parents and godparents to pray for their child and be an example of the Christian life. They will teach their child about God and bring their child to worship.

Baptisms are generally conducted during the regular worship services.

For more information or to schedule a baptism, please contact the church office, either by email or phone.

Need Tables or Chairs for your event?

If you need to rent tables or chairs, please download and print the appropriate form below, and return it to the church office.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.