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GENESIS – Meeting with Will Timmerman in the School Library, this class will take you through the Creation, Flood, Tower of Babel, Abraham-Isaac-Jacob/Esau and Joseph. Why did Adam and Eve succumb to Satan’s wiles and get driven from the Garden of Eden? How and why did the flood take place and what followed it? Why did God choose Abraham? What became of the strife between Jacob and Esau? How did the Israelites get to Egypt? Want to know what preceded the flood? Join in the study and find out.

THE SPIRITUALITY OF THE CROSS is a well-written introduction to understand what Lutherans believe in with a focus toward spirituality. This bible study will help you to understand the theology of the cross, the hidden nature of God, and Luther’s idea of vocation. There will be discussion to help you grow in your understanding of our Christian faith. Join Pastor Christian in the Fellowship Hall West for this study.

CHRISTIANITY — THE FIRST THREE CENTURIES “How could a tiny, tortured faith become the most successful phenomenon in all of history? During its first three hundred years from Christ to Constantine, the Christian church had to wage a two-front campaign against external persecution and internal heresy until if finally conquered the Roman Empire–and the future.” Dr. Paul Maier begins the 8-part DVD series with a look at the sources of information utilized, Jesus of Nazareth, apostles, emperors, persecutions, early church leaders, martyrs, and the eventual triumph of Christianity. This class meets in the Fellowship Hall East and is led by Don Wischmeyer.