Join us for Summer Sunday School (once a month for all ages)

June 26th-9:30am “Weather Wonders” – explore the story of Jesus calming the storm. Play “bail out brigade” outside, make rain sticks and learn about how Jesus is with them when they weather the storms in their lives.

July 31st-9:30am “Book It” 2 Kings 22:3-20 Learn about the important book that King Josiah was having read to him. Learn how this book helped save the King from disaster. Browse a used book drive, go on a scavenger hunt, and make a special treat. The monies collected will go to a ministry.

August 28th 9:30am “The Prodigal Son” Learn about forgiveness through Jesus. We will make “Blessing Bags” and play a prodigal son game and have a “feast!”